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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ Review

Lenovo, the Chinese manufacturer is clearly pushing its way into the midrange market for affordable tablets. Popular for its laptops Lenovo is now producing tablets and mobile phones.

The Lenovo Yoga 10HD+ tablet is a 10” Snapdragon-powered multimode High Definition (HD) tablet with a quad-core processing power (clocked at 1.6GHz) is as innovative in design as is in performance. The design has nice aesthetics with a revolutionary design in three modes: Hold, Tilt and Stand. T

hese modes are achieved through the cylindrical base that is called the battery cylinder. It has a swivel that when folded Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 worth the pricecompletely gives the hold mode and makes it an ordinary tablet. Now the magic begins with the tilt mode: this lays it down and you have a nice angle for typing and gaming. Finally the Stand mode. Flicking the kick stand makes it sit comfortably onto any surface. This is ideal for watching videos and holding video chats, as well as listening to music. It can also be used as a laptop alternative in this way.

It runs on android 4.3 christened as Jelly Bean with an internal memory of 2GB and an expandable memory (up to 64 GB) of 16 GB. The GSM version uses a micro sim and weighs in at 613 g. This is quite bulky, but the micro sim can be very convenient for customers and might be something you’ll want to consider.

This kick-stand is what the name Yoga came from. It makes it take up any shape for the users comfort. Holding a tablet for long is bound to get difficult and as such the kick stand kicks in and saves the day. Pretty much ideal for all users of tablets, with each person’s needs catered for.

For the music lovers, the front facing speakers adds a mix of relief as the unidirectional position is ideal for listening and watching videos as a well as video chatting. The quality of the speakers is however wanting and this is difficult to forgive. At high sounds there is distortion with near in audibility.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

The location of the power button is rather hidden at the side of the cylinder with an LED notification light in the button. The build material is a bit too fragile with a slight dance. Give it a nice hard nudge it will fill like it will fall off. The 3.5mm jack is positioned nicely on the other end and caters well for most audiophiles.

Put up against similar tablets within the same price range, the non-removable Lion 9000 mAH battery gives the tablet an unparalleled battery life. Without a recharge, the battery can last a whopping 18 hours meaning that the whole day and into the night one can last on a single charge. This is in essence achieved by the cylindrical base that it has allowing more space to pack some juice.


The highlight of this tablet is its amazing display with a wide viewing angle. It has off the charts high definition visuals ideal for group viewing. The display is a stunning 1920 x 1200 of full HD with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. The technology used is the in-plane switching (IPS) technology.

The Yoga HD+ packs a rear camera of 8mp with a front facing camera of 1.6mp for video chatting. There is an optional wireless keyboard that is stylish.


At $300 dollars it is cheaper than most competitions. It has good value for its price. The unparalleled battery life is also a plus coupled with its versatile stand and build. The camera is also quite sharp considering its price. Has built-in micro sd card which is quite convenient.


It is a bit bulky compared to competition. The battery cylinder hinders comfortable camera usage and it takes a lot more time to charge. It does look cheaply built and the display graphics are lacking.


Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ Specs

Display 8-in or 10.1-in Full HD (1920×1200) IPS display
Processor Intel Atom Processor Z3745 (2M cache, 4 cores, up to 1.86 GHz)
Camera 8MP rear camera with Auto-focus, 1.6MP front cam
Storage 16GB with microSD support (up to 64GB)
Battery Extended battery life with up to 18 hours on a single charge
Connectivity 802.11b/g/n Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz) , Optional 4G (in select countries, not US): WCDMA (900/2100 MHz)1, GSM/EDGE (900/1800/1900 MHz), Bluetooth 4.0
Software Android 4.4 KitKat
Weight 8-in model: 419g/ 10-in model: 619g